30 September   The Hogget via Timahanga Station                                     

Subjdect to permission from  Timahanga Station, up through the old logging track to the Tahuhunui Range ridge and so up to the Hogget high point and return the same way.

14 October   MacIntosh Hut and Plateau

From Lawrence road end carpark, over Tutaekuri Bridge, a short distance up the Donald River to the plateau and around to MacIntosh Hut and return.

19 - 22 October      Mt Egmont                                                                                  

Opportunties to have either a base for day walks or over-nighting in the many huts in this park; options include an ascent of the summit, walking part or all of the round the mountain track, doing the Holly Hut/Pouakai Hut circuit, visiting Tahurangi Lodge or Maketawa Hut. 

29  October   Makahu Saddle

From Makahu Saddle carpark do the Ngahere Loop cross country to the Black Birch track and around to Littles Clearing.

11 November   Cairn Trip

 Our annual trip to remember those club members who did not come home from WW2: a short service of remembrance is   timed for 11a.m. at our Memorial Cairn on top of Kaweka J. It is not often that this pilgrimage happens on the exact day of November 11.

25-25 November   Stanfield Hut and Cattle Creek Hut

In from Tamaki West Road past Stanfield Hut then on to Cattle Creek Hut for the night; out via Apiti Track to Ngamoko Road end.

9 December  Parks Peak Hut

Along Mangleton Road to Sentry Box track access, up and along to the cute cottage of Parks Peak Hut. The very keen could go down to Upper Makaroro Hut and back as a side trip

6 January   Coastal Walkway

From the  DoC camping ground  by the Waikare River  mouth we will walk southwards along a long stretch of beach on the Hawkes Bay coastal walkway. Further south there have been slips which have closed the walkway so once leaving the beach we will go as far as we can and then return to our transport